1. Cute new vintage in the shop!! Don’t you just love this young edwardian wrap dress?

  2. SO many cute new pieces in the shop!! Visit us at www.fauveandhunter.com

  3. Come hang with us at Desert Daze this year!!! Can’t wait to meet you all and hang out!

  4. Sleepy eyed portrait of me in the studio…..

  5. The most Weetziest lounge suit ever just arrived in the shop! www.fauveandhunter.com


  6. On leaving your day job.

    On leaving your day job.

    Something curious happened recently. In the shift of turning myself into my own boss, turning passion into career, I found myself validating everything with a simple criteria: Is this paying?  Ew. What?

    This probably happens when you do start to depend solely on your craft to make a living, which is what I’ve been trying to do since I quit my day job and got a lot hungrier. Without the security…

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  8. Ever get tired of looking into the light?

  9. Sketches for a new Vintage collection… #fauveandhunter #sketch

  10. My last Pop Up sale of SXSW… come join us!

  11. One of my favorite shots from my newest shoot and collaboration with Dolly Pratt, we shot this stunning Stone Cold Fox jumpsuit and I think every babe in the world needs one.

  12. I made a little guide/inspiration to get ready for Sxsw! Check it out at thelingernots.wordpress.com  !
    If you need me, I’ll be covering my place in tapestries like this Zandra Rhodes spread! 😍😍😍


  13. A guide to sxsw

    A guide to sxsw

    Just a couple more days to get ready for SXSW! It’s funny how every year that I attend, it’s doing something different. It’s a hectic week in Austin, mostly really fun, sometimes overwhelming and inevitably sludgy in terms of traffic. I’m almost ready for it all, but I need plenty of inspiration to stay focused, otherwise I’m just going to stress out and then I’ll forget everything.



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