1. My favorite portrait of Picasso

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  2. Preview of DUST&DRAG and FAUVE&HUNTER

  3. A sneak peek of a collaboration shoot from Dust&Drag and Fauve and Hunter.  

  4. This beautiful lace dress is available at www.fauveandhunter.com !


  5. want: unplanned road trip.

  6. Is it Fall yet?!


  7. My fauvettes! <3

    Visit my vintage store at fauveandhunter.squarespace.com <3


  8. I have a letter for you

    I have a letter for you


    I’m working on this project right now and one of the funny things that ended up happening was I spent a good portion of a beautiful day, researching letterheads and stationary and what ended up happening, was a complete obsession. File that one with my love affair with stereoscopes and old postcards from lovers.

    Stationary, I’ve always liked, and is still something that’s quite easy to find, but…

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  9. showtime

    showtime http://wp.me/s19NiT-showtime

    June 19th we FINALLY got to screen Circular Ruins, that mysterious fruit that formed of the blood sweat and one tear from a lost fingernail of Juan Azulay, Kate Arizmendi, and The Saint James Society…

    Six days of shooting through the desert deathscape, Mojave motels with bug blankets and bone white rocks, future retro reno motels with pink lightbulbs where we shot in kimonos and 7 inch heels…

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  10. Vintage blouses that are PERFECT for summer arriving in the shop next week! Which is your fave?

  11. sigh.

  12. I love that Bowie’s stationary looks like kraft paper (my own personal letter writing paper) and his letterhead is so cute. LOVE.

  13. You ever just look around you and wonder “how did I get here?”

  15. I am, and will always be: